Wedding decoration is something that will always make us wonder and wonder about if we are doing the right thing no matter how many times we think we picked the right decor. It is something that will take quite some time to decide on. Experts say that an average wedding planning process takes around two hundred hours to complete, and most of this time is spent on deciding what the wedding decoration is going to be like! One reason it might end up being hard is because two different people in a relationship are trying to make ends meet as each one has their own vision of what is perfect. Sometimes, there can be slight misunderstandings but communicating with each other will manage to solve such issues. Wedding decoration is always fun to do as It is letting your imagination run wild, so here are some tips on how to improve your decor skills!

Wedding chairs and tables

This is something that a lot of couples fail to pay attention to. While they focus on the centerpieces and the guests, they forget to think about the tables and chairs and sometimes they decide to have it plain, as they would not have time to think of it later on. If you are hiring a planner, try to get advice from them and ask her or him what you should do for the wedding decorations hire Geelong and how to settle on one theme for the wedding.

The centerpieces

This is the part that catches a lot of eyes during a wedding and that is the reason why you must pay more attention to the centerpiece! Once you come to a decision with your fiance about what kind of decoration you would want to do for you wedding, then think of what your wedding centerpieces hire is going to be like. Will it simply be the wedding cake? Will it be something representing the couple? It could be anything as long as it matches the theme and would end up making the guests happy too.


No one can get enough of flowers! There is no way that you could go wrong with too much of flowers as your wedding decoration. You can place various flower bouquets on each table, you can hang them around the ceiling over the wedding along with lights, you can place them around the venue, you can simply do whatever you wish with flowers and it will only add to the glamour of your wedding!