VELUX skylight installation offers a total arrangement of highlights that can work with an assortment of materials for any inlet window design from dispatch to floor. Regardless of whether you desire to add our go-aheads to the “New Wind” or a further developed model to observe unassuming spaces, we have all the lighting choices and information you need to determine while picking.

Blind Bees

VELUX skylight installation or Honeycomb Blinds are delicate and adaptable blinds that give assurance from hotness and cold while giving an impeding splendid light. Hand-made and sun oriented activities are accessible. A cutting edge and present day framework white for top look appealing posts made of honeycomb gives fast approaching hindering white side rails and body.

Blind Power Outage

VELUX Blackout wraps give you the best light day or night. Give a boundless measure of light, appropriate for rooms or different spaces of the home that you need to wind down totally. It totally obstructs light a white pitch to meet the rooftop visual guides that lessen benefits and hot blazes gives unavoidable impeding white side rails and body

“New Wind” Skylights

The Solar Powered “Outside Air” Skylight (available to both workspace and test region) fuses a sun based charger that catches open daylight and utilizations it to recover a profound, completely covered battery-worked control board. This regulator is a power source that opens and shuts the survey window, overlooking the requirement for electrical wiring during establishment.

Electric skylights “Normal Air”.

Focused on both the working environment and the road foundation, the VELUX Electric “Normal Air” port window is an optimal lighting answer for tip top homicide applications. It permits typical light to stream, and with the snap of a button, is opened to allow in regular air. Likewise thought to disregard to bring down it, the downpour sensor will harm the review window during harsh climate.

Manual “New Spirit” Skylights

Focused on both the work environment and the mountain setting, the Velux Manual “Normal Air” port window permits any home to encounter the best of the climate. It opens up a ton of regular air, this ventilation adds to the conventional dependability of the home and the degree of solace by permitting the appearance of old, cool air.

Fixed Skylights

VELUX narrows windows are great for lovely regions like corridors, steps, and other encased, dim regions that can be supplanted by light and sky. They offer a saving choice in making a home with a space stacked with regular light.


Up to 10 feet high, the stunning blue light of SkyMax duplicates the size of a standard blue screen without losing heat productivity.

E-Class Skylights

The E-Class Skylights convey additional light at each opening and spot you in around 1/3 of the time as isolated survey windows because of their open air regions because of the catch alone. By delivering power, the standard E-Class Skylights glass meets Energy Star prerequisites as a flat control.

Level Roof Skylights

Since the VELUX Flat Roof Skylight is intended to take into account the developing interest for window seeing homes with high or low roofs, you can change and upgrade practically any enlightened region.

Plan Series

For a staggering look, the lofty Architectural Series offers a lightweight, lightweight plan with an entirely adaptable line, broad format, shadow getting done, and glass choice. It has an adaptable augmentation to assist you with making stunning daytime lighting frameworks for your home. For more information please contact: