It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This post is therefore ideal for any lady looking to learn some fun facts about diamonds, but also discover some common diamond myths.

What are some fun facts about diamonds?

  • The word ‘diamond’ has a Greek origin. It comes from the word ‘adamas’ which means indestructible and unconquerable.
  • Ten years ago, in 2004, astronomers found a star located about 50 light years from Earth. What makes this star so special? Well, it is actually a diamond of about ten billion, trillion, trillion carats.
  • In traditional Hinduism, if a diamond is flawed it should be avoided as it is supposed to carry bad luck.
  • India was actually the first country to produce commercial diamonds, this occurred approximately 2400 years ago.
  • In ancient times diamonds were believed to promote courage, invincibility and strength.
  • Eight in tend diamonds that are mined in the current day are used for industrial purposes. This is either for grinding, polishing or cutting.
  • In thirteenth century France, there was a law that decreed that only the King was allowed to wear diamonds.
  • A diamond that weighs at least 20 carats and is flawless is named a ‘paragon’.
  • The popular phrase ‘a diamond is forever’ first appeared in 1948. It was actually used as a marketing slogan for De Beers diamonds.
  • A diamond is the birthstone for individuals who are born in the month of April.
  • Wedding bands have long been popular, since 1477 to be exact. This is when Mary of Burgundy received a diamond wedding ring from the Archduke of Austria.

What are some myths about diamonds?

  • A lot of people believe ‘diamonds are forever’. This is partially true as diamonds are indeed very durable however, this does not mean you can neglect taking proper care of your diamond. This is particularly true, when it comes to jewellery that you will be wearing on a daily basis, such as engagement rings. Avoid using abrasives to clean your diamonds and make sure you take them off whilst applying perfume, hairspray and such.
  • Many individuals believe that diamonds aren’t good investments. However, this is definitely not the case. A diamond is one of the most stable investments. They provide you with a hedge against inflation and they don’t experience huge fluctuations on the market as other types of investments do.
  • Last but not least, a lot of people believe it is easy to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond. The former is used as an imitation diamond. However, it is a lot more difficult than you would suspect. You should definitely find a trusted jeweller and make sure you get certification with your diamond as well. After all, cubic zirconia can pass a lot of the simple diamond tests that are available.