Have you ever looked back at your life and regretted not doing something? It might be something simple, like never having dared to try out a particular adventure sport; or something more emotionally troubling, like waiting too long to ask someone out. Even something like a birthday party can turn out to be a regret if you’ve not attempted to at least try to celebrate exactly the way you want. And if you’ve only celebrated your birthday in a simple manner so far; then it’s not too late to celebrate it in the big and splashy way you’ve not tried out so far. Here are a few tips on “blowing up” your party (pun intended!). 

Where does the party rock at?

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t spread out a good splash in a party that’s organized at home. But if you really want to go big, then we suggest looking for a grander venue. Most hotels work quite well; especially those that are reputed to double as school formal venue in Melbourne. Even more commercial settings work; like those you’d use for a business event.

It’s all about the guests

“Is it?” you might ask…of course it is! Especially these big and splashy affairs. A common misconception about splashy parties is that you’ll have to invite everybody you know and their grandmother for it. We say it all depends on what you want. If you’d rather not invite everyone then that’s all right. Even exclusive parties like corporate conference venues and functions can be planned out to be splashy and grand.

NOTE: if you want to take it a step further in making a grand statement with this party, we suggest you send out your invitations the traditional way. Hand delivered or posted invitations have an elegance and grandeur that modern invitation methods don’t have…

What do you planning on feeding the crowd?

Of course, the birthday cake will have the most amount of attention, apart from the birthday “boy or girl”. Make it a cake that is memorable. A fun and creative cake, or a cake that awes the guests and give them the idea that you’ve not held back should work just fine. Likewise, pay attention to the menu as well. Like always, you need to pay attention to the taste. But remember to also include a touch of grandeur to it too.   

Apart from this, all you need to do is think of a theme, and set the decorations accordingly. Remember; have fun and keep no space for regrets!